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These magnificent photographs capture the romance of construction sites with the precision and poetry and insistent probing curiosity we have come to expect from Stanley Greenberg. For lovers of photography, architecture, city life, or simply the physical world, this book is a must have.”—Phillip Lopate(Phillip Lopate )

“Stanley Greenberg specializes in revealing those aspects of our man-made environment that would otherwise remain unseen—the hidden infrastructure of New York City, the water tunnels that form the city’s mysterious lifelines, and now, with Architecture under Construction, the brilliantly illuminated inner structures of important recent buildings. Greenberg’s photographs take the viewer beyond the ‘look’ of new edifices and directly to their essence—past the skins and into the bones—of contemporary architecture.”—Gail Buckland, The Cooper Union

(Gail Buckland, The Cooper Union )

“In these truly beautiful images, Stanley Greenberg deftly realizes one of Louis Kahn''s most iconic insights: that a building is at its most sublime at two moments—when it is under construction, and when it is in ruin.”—Kenneth Frampton, Columbia University
(Kenneth Frampton, Columbia University )

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