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Buildings for the Performing Arts covers a wide range of performing arts (classical music, pop/rock, jazz, musicals, dance, drama) and provides information on each as an art form and the necessities to house performances correctly. 
Part one of this guide provides the background information about the organisation of the performing arts, the prevailing issues, the client and various building types. In the second part, the author deals with the components of design and development. Appleton identifies the roles of the client, advisors and consultants; the stages to be achieved, including client's proposal feasibility, the process of briefing, design and building; and eventually hand-over and opening night, with a consideration of the building in use. Case studies are included which cover the assessment of demand, site requirements, initial brief, building design and financial viability. Information requirements, such as design standards, for the auditorium and platform/stage, and the support facilities, are included.  
A comprehensive view of the design and development of a wide range of buildings for the performing arts
Gives essential links between demand in the market for the proposed facility and supply (funds, building design, site and time scale)
Identifies the stages in the development and those involved in the decision-making


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