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Much closer relationships are being formed in the development of the built environment and cultural changes in procurement methods are taking place. The need has grown to re-examine the ethical frameworks required to sustain collaborative trust and transparency. Young professionals are moving around between companies on a frequent basis and take their personal values with them. What can companies do to support their employees? This book looks at how people develop their personal values and tries to set up a model for making effective ethical decisions. It exposes areas of weakness that may inhibit better relationships in projects and partnerships and suggests decision making frameworks.'Part one' of this book integrates a number of topical areas to give a holistic view of the ethical framework and 'Part two' illustrates good practice by using case studies and questions for resolving dilemmas. They include: human rights, moral integrity and equal opportunities; professional conduct and integrity; employment law and psychological contracts and discrimination; corruption, procurement and competition; health and safety ethics; contracts and good faith; the impact of corporate social responsibility; policies and their implementation; the role of education and development; and, responsibility for sustainability and the environment. It will be invaluable for professional institutions, students, young practitioners in all stages of the development cycle from planning, property management, design, project management and facilities management, contractors and clients.


Pris: 375,00 kr.

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