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The European Design Awards, which attract over 900 entries, not only present a remarkable picture of what's happening in European design today they also play an important part in promoting and encouraging standards and ambitions in design. They seek to raise the status of graphic design in European society, by presenting the very best quality work, by pointing out new directions and further establishing design as an economic, socially critical factor. This catalogue reproduces the 181 successful submissions including all the winners, merits and finalists to the European Design Awards 2008, which took place over three days in Stockholm. The twentyeight categories range from logotypes to packaging, typefaces, illustrations, websites and book design, and include work from a raft of design agencies, from the established to the up-and-coming.This snapshot of European design now will be an essential purchase for anyone involved in the industry, in whatever capacity, as well as for anyone interested in visual communication.

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